We have covered the topic of fraud in the swimming pool industry many times in in the past. The swimming pool industry is largely unregulated and this leads to many pool companies becoming less than honest with consumers. This is bad for the customer, competitors and even the pool companies engaging in these activities. I

Buying a Swimming Pool? Buying a pool is a huge responsibility. The average new pool cost in America pushed past $50K in 2011. A new pool is also a permanent fixture to your home which is usually the largest investment a person makes in their lifetime. A pool that starts to fall apart after 5

When Pool Water is Green. Green swimming pool water is usually caused by algae growth inside your swimming pool. Algae can be introduced into your swimming pool in hundreds of different ways. Simply having a leaf fall into your pool may be enough to establish an algae bloom. Algae can be suspended in your swimming

What is the cost of owning a pool? The cost of hiring a professional pool service technician has increased significantly over the past five years. The biggest cause of the increase in cost is the rising price of chlorine and other common pool chemicals like soda ash, muriatic acid, and algaecide. The cost of chlorine

The Benefits of Drinkable Pool Water

Monday, 03 February 2014 by

When I first heard of drinkable pool water I immediately assumed it couldn’t possibly work. At the time I didn’t put much thought into it because it wasn’t on my radar screen as a viable emerging technology. Over the past six years however, I have been forced to take notice of the technology that creates

How to Deal with Pool Liner Wrinkles

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Pool liner wrinkles are usually caused by one of three things. 1. Ground water under the liner. 2. Pool has been drained and refilled incorrectly. 3. Chemicals break down the vinyl liner material. The process to remove wrinkles in a vinyl pool liner will differ based upon the specific cause of the wrinkles. Ground Water

I was introduced to Ecosmarte Glass Pool Filter technology a little over eight years ago when a customer of mine would not let me build their swimming pool unless I included drinkable pool water in the deal. I told them that I had never heard about drinkable pool water and that I was certain it