There is a wide variation in pool service cost / pricing in Atlanta in 2016.  There are two distinct markets in Atlanta through which pool owners purchase weekly service, the amateur market and the professional market. The amateur market is made up of high school and college kids looking to make an extra buck during the summer.

How Long Do Pool Liners Last?

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On average, a well made pool liner will last ten to fifteen years with proper care and maintenance.  There are four big reasons why pool liners fail prematurely. Chlorine /Shock:  Chlorine and shock destroy the pool liner chemically over time.  A salt system causes the same chlorine damage as a regular chlorinated pool with the

Over the years we have seen many pool liner trends come and go.  For example in 2004 pool owners were much more interested in lighter blues and grays when it came to choosing a pool liner color.  Over the next ten years that trend shifted to darker blues and prism designs.  As the largest pool

PROPER CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF A NEW SWIMMING POOL LINER MAINTAIN PROPER WATER CHEMISTRY. While it is important to maintain all of your water chemistry metrics at proper levels the most important factor regarding the longevity of your pool liner is free chlorine. Chlorine will obviously bleach the liner over time so it stands to

These three things are important to know before you take the plunge on your swimming pool renovation project. Financing as an Indicator of Quality   Swimming Pool Projects are Completely Unique Sub-Contractors are not a Bad Thing  

The 4 Pool Filter Options with Pricing

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Choosing a pool filter for your swimming pool can be confusing.  How do you know you’re getting the best filter for your needs?  This list has been created to make it simple to decide.  The pool filters featured in this article are ranked from best to worst and have an average 2015 price for an

3 Problems Associated with Older Vinyl Swimming Pools by Chris Ward Vinyl lined swimming pools degrade as they get older.  While it is true that most modern vinyl pools that are constructed with steel or polymer walls will last thirty to fifty years without the need for any major structural repairs there are a few