Atlanta Pool Service Don’t forget to do these 3 things in 2016 if you are a pool owner in Atlanta Open Your Pool Earlier Rather Than Later Atlanta is blessed with relatively warm winters but this can cause problems when it comes to your swimming pool.  Most pool owners will wait until the weather becomes

MYes.  In my humble opinion a mesh safety cover for swimming pools is much better than a solid safety cover.  A mesh cover gives your pool almost as much protection against the sun as the solid cover but it is much less heavy which makes it easier to take off and put on.  Also, the

2016 Pool Remodeling Tips

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Can you believe that it is already 2016?!  The bad news is that your swimming pool is not looking too good right now.  The good news is that there are lots of ways to make your 2016 pool remodeling project much less of a financial strain while having plenty of creative fun. Use 0% Financing

The number one reason that pool liners age and eventually fail is liner fading.  This is because vinyl pool liner color fading is a visual confirmation that the vinyl material used to make the liner has started to break down chemically.  So when you ask “How to Make my Pool Liner Last Longer?” you are actually

Swimming pool safety covers last approximately 10 to 12 years on average.  The warranty for safety covers is for when the sewn straps fail during the waranty period.  The warranty does not cover shredding of the material itself or punctures in the cover materil itself.  Based on my experience (over 1000 safety covers installed) it

The Price of In-Ground Safety Covers A few things that drive the price of in-ground swimming pool safety covers: Size:  The bigger the pool the higher the price. Shape:  Rectangle and straight wall pools will be lower in price than freeform curvy pools. Stairs:  Pools with steps will cost more than pools without steps. Ladders

Over the years we have noticed that the market has made a clear choice in which type of swimming pool safety cover is preferred.  Our customer’s choose mesh safety covers 98% of the time.  Below is a list of some of the reasons our customers give us for making this choice. Cost / Price:  The