15 years after salt systems burst onto the swimming pool scene it is pretty clear that swimming pool owners love their salt systems.  Swimming pool salt systems use salt (disolved in the pool water) to allow pool owners to generate their own chlorine instead of going to the store to buy chlorine.  This has the

Finding Lower Prices on Swimming Pool Renovations in 2016 For the purposes of this article a swimming pool renovation is a swimming pool repair or upgrade with a retail price of $8,000 or higher. I am often asked by potential customers who are in the market for a swimming pool renovation how they might find the

Best Pricing Strategies For New Swimming Pool Liners Timing your new swimming pool liner purchase is the biggest factor in pricing.  Pool companies that have been around for a few years and have built a good reputation for themselves will always be swamped with business in the spring and summer months.  If you find a

Swimming to Lose Weight

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Swimming to Lose Weight By Chris Ward I served in America’s last cold weather battalion at the very end of the cold war era in 1991.  During that time we still trained in Norway.  It was 250 miles north of the arctic circle and it was very cold to say the least.  In order to

The word Gunite is derived from the process of using a gun like handle to spray concrete onto the wall and floor of the swimming pool structure.  Therefore, the proper way to pronouce the word Gunite is just like an actual gun, but with “ite” on the end.  Many people think that is pronounced “goonite”