Pool Heater Repairs in Atlanta GA

Pool Heater Repairs The most likely place for a pool heater to develop a leak is the heat exchanger.  The heat exchanger is the grid that your pool water passes through in order to be heated.  Unfortunately, replacing the heat exchanger is very costly and in most circumstances it is better to simply buy a
Wrinkles in a pool liner are usually caused by one of three things. Ground water under the liner. Pool has been drained and refilled incorrectly. Chemicals break down the vinyl liner material. The process to remove wrinkles in a vinyl pool liner will differ based upon the specific cause of the wrinkles. Ground Water under
When it comes time to replace your swimming pool liner you can use this list of simple rules and tips to prevent yourself from getting scammed. Pool liner quotes should always be free.  Never use a company that charges a fee for telling you their price. Pool liner prices can be miles apart. This is
Being Without the Following Three Items Can Cost Swimming Pool Owners Big Time Expert Series Salt System The Expert Series Salt System was introduced into the market in 2016 in order to answer the biggest concern pool owners have about salt systems…longevity.  When a salt cell goes bad it can cost the pool owner hundreds
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