15 years after salt systems burst onto the swimming pool scene it is pretty clear that swimming pool owners love their salt systems.  Swimming pool salt systems use salt (disolved in the pool water) to allow pool owners to generate their own chlorine instead of going to the store to buy chlorine.  This has the

What is the Best Swimming Pool System to Have on My Pool in 2016? By Chris Ward People have always asked me what the best kind of swimming pool on the market is. My answer for the past five years has been “Swimming pools with chemical free water are the best”. Many people have made

Swimming Pool Filter Pricing Guide 2016

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2016 Swimming Pool Filter Pricing Guide This is a quick guide for swimming pool filter pricing in 2016.  Price are offered in ranges to account for variables such as seasonal geographic pricing variations.  All pricing in this article includes the price for professional installation and taxes.  Beware of prices above AND below these price ranges!

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Why Won’t My Pool Pump Prime?

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The most common reason that a swimming pool pump will fail to prime is that it is drawing air from somewhere.  Your pool pump will only function properly within a closed system of water.  Introducing air into your plumbing from outside this closed system will cause the pump to lose prime or prevent the pump

MYes.  In my humble opinion a mesh safety cover for swimming pools is much better than a solid safety cover.  A mesh cover gives your pool almost as much protection against the sun as the solid cover but it is much less heavy which makes it easier to take off and put on.  Also, the

The 4 Pool Filter Options with Pricing

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Choosing a pool filter for your swimming pool can be confusing.  How do you know you’re getting the best filter for your needs?  This list has been created to make it simple to decide.  The pool filters featured in this article are ranked from best to worst and have an average 2015 price for an

A true glass filter is the best swimming pool filter available on the market in 2016 for the following five reasons: Ease of Use The glass filter is basically a sand filter body with certified glass media inside the filter instead of sand.  This means that the pool owner can backwash and rinse the filter

This question was submitted by Thomas D, Commerce, GA. Your pump bearings are bad or you have a bent shaft.  The pump won’t last long after this type of wear and tear starts to show it’s ugly head.  It is possible to rebuild the motor instead of purchasing a new pump.  However, the money saved

Lazy Day Pools Reviews

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Lazy Day Pools Reviews Lazy Day Pools reviews number from several hundred to over one thousand 5 star customer reviews on popular review sites like angieslist and kudzu.  Out of all of these Lazy Day Pools reviews there are only four or five people who have not been pleased with the work provided by Lazy

The Benefits of Drinkable Pool Water

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When I first heard of drinkable pool water I immediately assumed it couldn’t possibly work. At the time I didn’t put much thought into it because it wasn’t on my radar screen as a viable emerging technology. Over the past six years however, I have been forced to take notice of the technology that creates