Swimming Pool Ground Water Remediation Techniques One of the most destructive things that can happen to an in-ground vinyl swimming pool is damage caused by ground water.  In Atlanta this winter (2015) we have had so much rain that pool owners from across the state have been calling us for assistance in remediating ground water

Swimming pool ground water is a wide spread problem for swimming pool owners.  Swimming pool ground water is an act of god.  It is caused by many things such as excessive rainfall, shifting sub surface streams or rivers, shifting underground lakes or ponds, etc.  Due to the fact that ground water is  mother nature at

What is Swimming Pool Ground Water? Ground water is simply naturally occuring water in the earths crust.  Ground water is very common in most places and is even considered normal in some geographic areas like Florida.  Ground water can be caused by shifting underwater streams, exessive rain in a short period of time, and many

Ground Water Behind Pool Water If your pool liner for in ground pool is floating up off the bottom of the pool you are most likely experiencing the effects of ground water behind pool liner. Underground streams, lakes and rivers exist even during drought conditions. Additionally, heavy rainfall can cause a temporary rise in ground