The most important thing you can do to protect yourself when purchasing a new pool liner is to educate yourself about the product you are purchasing and the process of installation. This short article will educate you on three of the five biggest disasters you might face as a result of replacing an in-ground vinyl

How to Prevent Pool Liner Fading

Swimming pool liners will fade due to two main causes. UV Rays from the sun Chlorine Bleaching Conventional wisdom says that UV rays cause about 50% of the fading and chlorine bleaching causes about 50% of the fading in pool liners.  However, a five year study conducted by Lazy Day Pools between 2006 and 2011

The Cost of Weekly Pool Service

The Cost of Weekly Pool Service The cost of weekly pool service ranges from $40 per week (mostly scammers at this price point) and $90 per visit (mostly premium services that offer little extras while in your backyard).  The cost of weekly pool service is determined by three basic variables.  These three factors are listed

Swimming Pool Freeze Protection 101

Pool pumps are expensive to replace. Luckily, one of the most common causes of pool pump damage is easily preventable. Swimming pool freeze protection will usually cost less than $400 to have installed on your pool system. A thermometer activated switch is added to your timer mechanism in order to cause the pump to come
This photo shows corrosion caused to a pool pump when a small leak dripped tiny amounts of salt water onto an otherwise beautiful pool pump. Pool water quality is a concern for all swimming pool owners and community pool operators. Traditionally, pool water quality has been ascertained by the amounts of contaminates in the water.
Use the following swimming pool checklist to identify the best pool company in your area. If the swimming pool service you are considering can pass every point on this checklist you have found a keeper. The Best Swimming Pool Companies Are Insured? Don’t overlook this requirement. In Metro Atlanta around 82% of pool companies are
Doing it yourself carries the potential of saving a little bit of your hard earned cash.  But when it comes to swimming pool liners the cost can be much greater than the reward.  Here are a few stories of what can happen when swimming pool owners get in over their heads. Duct Tape Fixes Everything…Except
Replacing pool equipment is no fun for most people. Everything is going fine and then one day the salt in your pool water causes the pool heater to spring a leak. Or your plumbing cracks during an overnight freeze, the pool drains, and your pump burns to a crisp. The point is that no one
Purchasing a swimming pool vinyl liner for your pool can be a huge headache.  Costly mistakes are so easy to make.  Unfortunately, the pool liner replacement market is full of unscrupulous people who will rob you blind if you are not careful.  This is why I decided to provide those people interested in purchasing a pool liner with a handy