Why Won’t My Pool Pump Prime?

The most common reason that a swimming pool pump will fail to prime is that it is drawing air from somewhere.  Your pool pump will only function properly within a closed system of water.  Introducing air into your plumbing from outside this closed system will cause the pump to lose prime or prevent the pump
This is just a quick post to let everyone know that the 2015 / 2016 winter season is the time to buy pool liners if you have been putting it off for a couple of years.  The lowest pool liner prices are being offered during this winter and are as low as they ever have

How to Find The Best Pool Liner in 2016

The following 3 rules will help you to choose the best pool liner to replace your old pool liner in 2016 regardless of where you live. Thickness Matters. But Not As Much As Vinyl Quality Pool liners come in thick and thin versions.  Thick versions of pool liners are 27 or 30 mil thick.  Thin versions