3 Simple Habits That Lead to Longer Life

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Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast has several great benefits. It gives your gut time each day to “catch-up”. It reduces internal inflammation. It shortens your daily eating window which makes it easier to make simple healthy food choices each day. The first few days might be tough but after that, your body gets used to it!

Sweat Daily Without Impact

Get in 30 Minutes of sweat every day (preferably in the morning before the world wakes up and chaos returns). Figure out your favorite way to sweat without high impact exercise. Heavyweights and impact repetition should be avoided.

Be Intentional About Avoiding Harmful Chemicals

One of the most common and harmful chemicals to human health is chlorine. But because chlorine kills stuff in our water supply we tolerate the negative health effect (which is significant) of this chemical in our bodies. For example, recent studies have shown that the damage caused to eyes and skin by swimming in salt or chlorine swimming pools is much worse than previously thought. Technology does exist to sanitize pool water and drinking water in the home but the public still remains largely unaware of the negative health effects of chlorine.