Lazy Day Pool and Spa, Inc was founded in 2004 by Christopher Ward who at the time was serving as a Police Officer for the City of Snellville Police Department and running the business on a part time basis. The business grew very quickly in that first year so Mr. Ward resigned as a police officer in order to focus all of his efforts on growing Lazy Day Pools. In the beginning, Lazy Day only offered pool maintenance services but quickly expanded into other areas of service such as new pool construction, beaded pool liner replacements, pool cover installations, pool repair, and salt system conversions. In 2006, Lazy Day added Drinkable Pool Water Systems to our product line-up which proved to be one of the best strategic business decisions Lazy Day has ever made and this product offering continues to fuel Lazy Day’s unheard of growth even to this day.
In 2007, due to the massive success of the Drinkable Pool Water System offering AND unmatched Lazy Day customer service Lazy Day growth began to skyrocket. No one at Lazy Day expected this seemingly benign adjustment to our business strategy to have such far reaching results. Within the first year, other Drinkable Pool Water dealers started to enter the Georgia market which significantly increased public awareness of the system and the huge benefits associated with the system. Sales shot up over 300% within one year AND competitor sales were going up just as fast as a handfull of businesses farmed this previously untapped market. At the same time, Lazy Day liner sales jumped from roughly 150 pool liner installations per year to over 320 because of the fact that pool liners don’t fade when the pool is equipped with an Ecosmarte system!
After the economic crash of 2008, Lazy Day dropped new pool construction from its business model and started focusing on swimming pool renovation type work only. By focusing on core competencies (the things Lazy Day does best) the company suffered no losses during 2008 and by 2009 was agressively growing again.
In 2013, Lazy Day added the perfect compliment to our product lineup…The Perfect Pool System. The perfect pool system is the absolute best pool system on earth.  It combines the latest pump and filter technology with the drinkable pool water system in order to create significant increases in power efficiency and water quality.
In 2016, Lazy Day took a year off from focusing on growth and spent the entire year focused on perfecting sales and service quality processes.  As a result of this management decision Lazy Day Pools will be properly positioned to once again dominate the North Georgia Swimming Pool Market in 2017.


Lazy Day is one of the only pool companies in Georgia with Statewide service offerings. We have installed liners, covers, drinkable pool water systems and plaster from Savannah to Columbus…from Augusta to Rome…from Atlanta to Vidalia and every city in between. The unique Lazy Day business model allows us to offer our customers true value no matter where they may be located in the State of Georgia. Logistics is always a challenge for any company covering such a wide service area but Lazy Day has been able to maintain our performance and customer satisfaction standards without giving up our obvious value leadership position.


Lazy Day has accrued over 1000 5 Star ratings from customers all over the internet on popular websites like, angieslist, and Our customers have come to trust us when it comes to the major components of their swimming pool environment such as liners, covers, drinkable pool water systems, and swimming pool service and repair.


With over 3900 pool liner installations under our belt the competition doesn’t even come close when it comes to experience. In fact, Lazy Day is now renovating over 300 Swimming Pools per year all over the State of Georgia! What is the biggest factor in the quality of a pool remodel? Experience. Lazy Day promises to never use you or your pool as a training camp for unseasoned pool renovators. Our crew is made up of some of the most experienced, highly skilled labor anywhere in the State. So when the time comes to remodel your backyard oasis keep us in mind because Lazy Day has the experience that would be very difficult to find anywhere else.

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