The 4 swimming pool system types are as follows: Chlorine: Chlorine tabs or “shock” is introduced into the water in order to kill bio-threats in the water. This system is tied with salt systems as being the least healthy swimming option due to carcinogenic chlorine by-products. Cryptosporidium is highly immune to chlorine which is why

What is AOP+? Is it different from AOP?

AOP+ is an acronym which uses standard AOP (Advanced Oxidation Prosess) plus HET-UV (High Exosure Time Ultra Violet Light) and NSF-61 (Drinkable Standard) Certified Filtration. It is a patented technology currently offered under the brand Drinkable Pool Water Systems.

What is Swimming Pool AOP?

AOP is an acronym that stands for Advanced Oxidation Process? It is a powerful way to sanitize pool water using natural oxygen molecules. Some of the most popular brands offering AOP swimming pool systems include Ecosmarte, Clear comfort, and Drinkable Pool Water Systems. Also, see the article titled “What is AOP+? Is it different from

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The most common cause of waterborne illness in America is cryptosporidium. A recent study showed just how resilient cryptosporidium can be in swimming pools that use salt and chlorine for sanitation and the results were shocking. Even when chlorine is raised 8 times the level in which it is safe to swim it still took
Do you offer No Salt, No Chlorine Modern Healthy Sanitizers? In 2020, your pool builder should at least offer the option to sanitize your pool water with healthy sanitation systems that don’t use salt or chlorine. Salt and chlorine are bad for you and your pool. They both put off chemical by-products known as chloramines
Technology is really OLD. It Destroys Your Pool Components. It is Unhealthy to Swim in Salt or Chlorine. Doctors are the largest group of people purchasing Drinkable Pool Water Systems. This is because doctors don’t want their family swimming in Chlorine or Salt….they know how bad salt and chlorine is fo human eyes and skin.
Choosing between the Ecosmarte and Drinkable Pool Water Systems really comes down to two things.  Are you more concerned about price or quality?  The Ecosmarte system costs less than the Drinkable Pool Water System so if the price is your only concern there’s no reason to waste any more time thinking about it.  Just buy
Salt Systems can cause a large amount of damage to pool components and even the swimming pool structure. Salt systems can harm your skin and eyes through both chemical and physical reactions. Salt Systems are prehistoric technology. The new swimming pool water technology is known as AOP or Advanced Oxygen Process.
Yes. But there are higher-tech options available at about the same price.