Getting the Best Price on a New Swimming Pool Liner (Atlanta | Athens | Marietta | McDonough)

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Megna Pool LinersBest Pricing Strategies For New Swimming Pool Liners

Timing your new swimming pool liner purchase is the biggest factor in pricing.  Pool companies that have been around for a few years and have built a good reputation for themselves will always be swamped with business in the spring and summer months.  If you find a pool company that says they can install a pool liner for you the following day in the middle of May…something is wrong!

This is why pool liner prices skyrocket in the spring.  It is simply the premium price that procrastinators must pay for waiting too long to buy their new liner.  However, the opposite is true for the fall and winter months.  Pool liner prices generally start to fall in September and bottom out around November.  Prices start going up again in January each year due to annual material price increases and increasing demand.  Plan ahead and you can save hundreds of dollars on your new swimming pool liner price!