How Much Does a Pool Renovation Cost in 2019?

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2019 Swimming Pool Renovation Costs

The term “Pool Renovation” can mean a lot of things. This year the pool renovations we are performing mostly fall in the range of $3500 to $11000 with a few outliers getting above $30K. I thought it might be helpful to also list a few common pool renovation tasks we do along with a price range to help. The two biggest things effecting high and low in each range are pool size and pool access. Roughly 90% of jobs fall within these ranges and we have an 82% closing rate so the prices have been judged “fair” by the market. These are residential pool prices and include delivery, labor, taxes.

  • 27 Mil Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement (10 Year) $2800-3400
  • 60 Mil PVC Pool Membrane Install (30 Year) $8000-15000
  • Replaster Gunite Pool (15 to 20 Year) $5000-15000
  • Replace Single Speed Pump $700-1000
  • Replace Variable Speed Pump $1200-2000
  • Gas Heater $3000-5000
  • Salt System (Unhealthy but Cheap to Run) $1900-2200
  • Drinkable Pool Water System (Healthy but Expensive) $5600-5900
  • Add Overflow Spa $7000-12000
  • Sundek Pool Deck Overlay (Cool on Feet) $3.50-6.90SF