How to Choose Between the Ecosmarte and the Drinkable Pool Water System

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Choosing between the Ecosmarte and Drinkable Pool Water Systems really comes down to two things.  Are you more concerned about price or quality?  The Ecosmarte system costs less than the Drinkable Pool Water System so if the price is your only concern there’s no reason to waste any more time thinking about it.  Just buy the Ecosmarte system.  If you want the latest technology, controls, and a significantly beefed up chamber with the additional protection of HET-UV then you should spend a little extra and buy the Drinkable Pool Water System.  The Drinkable Pool Water System is definitely a better mousetrap.

Ecosmarte control systems haven’t changed in over 20 years!  It’s basically a digital timer that allows you to turn power (to the chamber bars) on and off at a set interval of time.  In contrast, the Drinkable Pool Water System allows you to control power to the bars at continuous time intervals AND THE AMOUNT OF POWER you send to those bars during that time.  This means that the system can run continuously (the preferred modern method with Variable Speed Pumps) while still dialing in the exact levels of IONS and Hydroxyl Radicals your specific pool needs.  In a nutshell, the DPWS allows you to be much more targeted in your sanitation process which improves results.  Also, the DPWS has HET-UV (High Exposure Time Ultraviolet Light) Technology which prevents bacteria in the water from reproducing.  If you have decided to go chlorine-free you might as well use every bit of available technology to do it!  The DPWS control panel also controls your UV Chamber as well.  With all technologies being controlled by one control panel the results are a much healthier pool.

In conclusion, If getting the lowest price is your only concern you should choose the old school Ecosmarte.  It does work!  But if you want the most advanced technology available today you will need to spend an additional $200 to $1000 depending on the type of DPWS you purchase.