How to Quickly Kill Cryptosporidium in Your Pool Water

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Crypto causes more people to get sick than any other waterborne illness. This is because salt and chlorine systems on swimming pools are woefully ineffective at killing the cryptovirus and so swimming pools become the prefered nesting space for cryptosporidium. Enter the Drinkable Pool Water System. This new technology generates hydroxyl radicals into the pool water. Hydroxyl radicals are safe for swimmers but destroy crypto on contact. Check out one of the groundbreaking studies proving this fact.

So, if the main point of sanitizing pool water is to prevent illness, then why aren’t all swimming pools equipped with a Drinkable Pool Water System? Well, to be fair, the systems are relatively expensive…roughly $5600 for the full system so the cost certainly represents a barrier. However, there is a multi-billion dollar industry built on the fact that pool owners simply aren’t educated about their options. The entire advertising space is dominated by sellers of chlorine and salt. Nevertheless, Drinkable Pool Water Systems are being adopted by pool builders across the country and existing pool owners are upgrading more and more with DPWS sales literally doubling every month.