Protect Your Swimming Pool From Irma

I just wanted to write this quick post to warn all pool owners about the potential damage that Hurricane Irma can cause regarding your swimming pool.  Hurricane Irma will likely dump somewhere between 3 and 7 inches of rainfall in a very short period of time across the entire State of Georgia.  Obviously, this will

Swimming Pool Safety Covers Vs. Tarp Covers

Swimming Pool Safety Covers serve several purposes.  First, they keep children and pets safe by creating a tough barrier between the surface of the pool water and the cover itself.  Safety covers can hold tons of weight so several adults could stand on the cover without falling into the pool.  Second, safety covers keep leaves

Swimming Pool Closing and Winterizing 2017

Swimming Pool Closing and Winterizing 2017 Pool owners essentially have three choices when it comes to maintaining their swimming pools in the winter. Keep the pool open year round. Keep the pool open year round AND cover the pool. Winterize the swimming pool completely. Keeping the pool open year round is a great option because there
Negative reviews are just part of doing business.  Even if your operations are perfect…your customers are not!  If you serve 100 customers at least one of them will be unhappy no matter what you do.  The problem is that the 1% of customers that can’t be satisfied is about 50 times more likely to write a
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