The drinkable pool water system represents a significant technological jump forward from the old ecosmarte days. The older ecosmarte technology played an important role in the mid-1990’s alternative water sanitation market. It was the primordial soup in the ever-evolving AOP landscape. However, the drinkable pool water system is definitely a better mousetrap and features much-improved
30-Year fiberglass pool liners give pool owners a “middle of the road” solution for cracked or shifting fiberglass pool shells. If your fiberglass pool shell is cracked you can either fill in the pool, install a 30-year membrane over the shell, or rebuild the pool completely. Assuming average location, size and access, filling in a
There are two ways to refinish a fiberglass pool…Resin and Membrane. Resin refinishing works well with fiberglass pool shells which are delaminating but not so well on pools experiencing cracks in the shell. Cracks are almost always due to massive amounts of pressure from the soil and/or groundwater surrounding the pool shell which causes the
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