Several friends have asked me recently how I have generated a large number of reviews for Lazy Day Pools.  Given the importance of the subject, I thought I would share what I have learned and how I have accomplished my review goals each month.  Hopefully, you will find it helpful for your business. Before I
Highest Advertising ROI Platforms in 2016 I have served as President of Lazy Day Pools for the past 12 years and I have grown the company substantially during that time.  However, I could have done so much more over the past decade if I had known then what I know now regarding advertising ROI.  In
Buying a Swimming Pool? Buying a pool is a huge responsibility. The average new pool cost in America pushed past $50K in 2011. A new pool is also a permanent fixture to your home which is usually the largest investment a person makes in their lifetime. A pool that starts to fall apart after 5
This photo shows corrosion caused to a pool pump when a small leak dripped tiny amounts of salt water onto an otherwise beautiful pool pump. Pool water quality is a concern for all swimming pool owners and community pool operators. Traditionally, pool water quality has been ascertained by the amounts of contaminates in the water.
When it is time to purchase a new in ground pool liner for your swimming pool you will sleep much better at night knowing what the liner you chose will look like inside your swimming pool. Some pool companies offer virtual pool liner visualization software on their websites. The problem with this is that the