How Much Does a Vinyl Pool Liner Cost? By Chris Ward

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How much does a replacement vinyl liner cost?  This is the question I am asked most often by my customers.  Like most customized products there are several factors effecting the cost of your new vinyl liner.  I will cover these factors as well as the associated effect these factors have on the cost of your new vinyl liner.  At the end of the article I cover the general ranges of actual prices you can expect to pay in the Atlanta Metro area as well as some tips on how to consider liner pricing before you buy.

Factor # 1- Who Made The Liner? 

This is one of the two biggest factors to consider regarding pool liner price.  There is a huge amount of variation in quality between manufacturers.  The secret of the pool industry is that reduced quality only saves you a small amount of money.  I estimate the “low quality” liner manufacturers to represent more than 60% of all manufacturers.  High quality manufacturers represent around 20% of all manufacturers and the remaining manufacturers are somewhere in the middle.  For legal reasons I can’t specify the dozens of low quality manufacturers I am aware of but I can mention the one manufacturer I have been extremely impressed with over the years and that is Kafko. Kafko manufacturing has been great at responding to warranty requests on the very few occasions when there has been a problem with one of their liners.  Obviously, higher quality liners will cost more but you might be surprised to learn that the cost difference between low quality and high quality is usually less than $100.

Factor # 2 – Who is Installing The Liner? 

This is the other of the two biggest factors in liner pricing.  One pool liner installer may charge $2000 more than another installer with the exact same liner.  So what gives?  Well the simple answer is this.  Most pool companies do liners as a side job.  In other words, most pool companies do not have a liner focused business model.  This is why, when it comes to pool liners, you can actually get a lower price on a better quality install.  A liner focused business will install 2 to 4 pool liners every day.  Most pool companies only install 4 liners per year.  Volume coupled with a huge amount of experience equal efficiency and this is why liner focused businesses like Lazy Day Pools can offer such low prices and still make a profit.

Factor # 3 – Where is the Liner Coming From? 

Locally manufactured liners will cost less than liners coming from out of state.  The liners I use are manufactured locally in Atlanta and this is great for my liner customers in Atlanta.  However, if someone from Alabama was to hire my company to install a pool liner it would cost $70 to $100 more just to ship the liner to the job site.

To get the best price, stick with locally manufactured high quality pool liners installed by seasoned professionals.  If you can find a 27 mil liner you will get an extra year of longevity due to the increased thickness of the liner.  Small pool liners of low quality will generally run between $2200 and $3000.  Small Pool Liners of high quality will generally run between $2300 and $3100.  Large Pool Liners of low quality will generally run between $3000 and $4500.  Large pool liners of high quality will generally run between $3100 and $4600.

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