The 4 swimming pool system types are as follows: Chlorine: Chlorine tabs or “shock” is introduced into the water in order to kill bio-threats in the water. This system is tied with salt systems as being the least healthy swimming option due to carcinogenic chlorine by-products. Cryptosporidium is highly immune to chlorine which is why

What is AOP+? Is it different from AOP?

AOP+ is an acronym which uses standard AOP (Advanced Oxidation Prosess) plus HET-UV (High Exosure Time Ultra Violet Light) and NSF-61 (Drinkable Standard) Certified Filtration. It is a patented technology currently offered under the brand Drinkable Pool Water Systems.
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The drinkable pool water system represents a significant technological jump forward from the old ecosmarte days. The older ecosmarte technology played an important role in the mid-1990’s alternative water sanitation market. It was the primordial soup in the ever-evolving AOP landscape. However, the drinkable pool water system is definitely a better mousetrap and features much-improved
When your fiberglass pool shell starts to warp and crack there are only three realistic options and they are all expensive. Fill the pool in with dirt ($8-12K), install a 30-year liner/membrane over the pool shell ($10-20K), or rebuild the pool completely ($30-70K). The most popular repair choice is to have a 30-year liner/membrane installed.

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