Hydro Fusion XL



⇒ This is the Drinkable Pool Water System without the filter or the certified installation. It is important to note that only systems purchased with a Filter containing NSF-61 Certified Media AND installed by a certified installer are considered to be a “Drinkable Pool Water System”. However, the Hydro Fusion XL-UV still outperforms all other AOP systems on the market through the patented 3 stage sanitation process.

 Includes a Digital Electronic Management Unit to control ion and oxygen (hydroxyl, peroxide, etc) output precisely and simultaneously. +90mm Oxygen and Copper Chamber +220mm x 45mm x 85mm Stacked Titanium Array +Proprietary Coating, Patented Technology +Produces 40,000gr of oxidation per hour +OH- Hydroxyl Radicals +O- Atomic Oxygen +H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide +O2 Molecular Oxygen +90mm Copper Plates +120mm x 75mm x 40mm(2) +Biostatic, Antimicrobial, Developed by NASA the most effective algaecide/fungicide for drinking water

 This is the best choice for the DIY Pool Owner who wants the health benefits of chlorine-free swimming for the least amount of money. For better results…consider upgrading to the Hyrdo Fusion XL-UV or to the Drinkable Pool Water System. Installation and operating instructions are included…please follow these instructions precisely for best results.

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