Hydro Fusion XL-UV



 This is the Drinkable Pool Water System without the filter or the certified installation. It is important to note that only systems purchased with a Filter containing NSF-61 Certified Media AND installed by a certified installer are considered to be a “Drinkable Pool Water System”. However, the Hydro Fusion XL-UV still outperforms all other AOP systems on the market through the patented 3 stage sanitation process.

 Includes a Digital Electronic Management Unit to control ion and oxygen (hydroxyl, peroxide, etc) output precisely and simultaneously. +90mm Oxygen and Copper Chamber +220mm x 45mm x 85mm Stacked Titanium Array +Proprietary Coating, Patented Technology +Produces 40,000gr of oxidation per hour +OH- Hydroxyl Radicals +O- Atomic Oxygen +H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide +O2 Molecular Oxygen +90mm Copper Plates +120mm x 75mm x 40mm(2) +Biostatic, Antimicrobial, Developed by NASA the most effective algaecide/fungicide for drinking water. Also includes two 55 watt TUV T8 UVC High Spectrotherm Lamps to prevent bacteria and other biothreats from reproducing by damaging their DNA.

 This is the best choice for the DIY Pool Owner who wants the best results for the least amount of money. This system is also a great choice for pool professionals who have not yet earned their certification to install complete Drinkable Pool Water Systems. Installation and operating instructions are included…please follow these instructions precisely for best results.


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