Swimming Pool Freeze Protection 101

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How to Winterize a Pool for swimming pool freeze protection

Swimming Pool Freeze Protection

Pool pumps are expensive to replace. Luckily, one of the most common causes of pool pump damage is easily preventable. Swimming pool freeze protection will usually cost less than $400 to have installed on your pool system. A thermometer activated switch is added to your timer mechanism in order to cause the pump to come on when the outside air temperature reaches your designated range. If you set the temperature to 34 degrees then your pool pump will turn on whenever the temperature drops to 34 degrees or lower. Moving water does not freeze under normal circumstances and this will prevent your underground plumbing as well as your equipment from exploding due to freezing water.
With pool pump freeze protection your pump will not be damaged by freezing weather. Your swimming pool plumbing and pool liner will also be protected.
When outside temperatures approach zero degrees the pool water at the top surface of the pool may freeze. However, this will not cause damage to the underground plumbing, pool equipment, or pool liner. It is important to allow the ice on the surface of your pool water to melt naturally when the weather becomes warm. Do not break the ice. Doing so can cause sharp edges to form on the ice and these edges can easily cut through your swimming pool liner.
If you would like more information protecting your swimming pool from freezing weather in Atlanta feel free to contact me, Chris Ward, via www.lazydaypools.com.