Swimming Pool Closing and Winterizing 2017

Swimming Pool Closing and Winterizing 2017 Pool owners essentially have three choices when it comes to maintaining their swimming pools in the winter. Keep the pool open year round. Keep the pool open year round AND cover the pool. Winterize the swimming pool completely. Keeping the pool open year round is a great option because there
There is a wide variation in pool service cost / pricing in Atlanta in 2016.  There are two distinct markets in Atlanta through which pool owners purchase weekly service, the amateur market and the professional market. The amateur market is made up of high school and college kids looking to make an extra buck during the summer.
When Pool Water is Green. Green swimming pool water is usually caused by algae growth inside your swimming pool. Algae can be introduced into your swimming pool in hundreds of different ways. Simply having a leaf fall into your pool may be enough to establish an algae bloom. Algae can be suspended in your swimming
What is the cost of owning a pool? The cost of hiring a professional pool service technician has increased significantly over the past five years. The biggest cause of the increase in cost is the rising price of chlorine and other common pool chemicals like soda ash, muriatic acid, and algaecide. The cost of chlorine
I am often asked how much it costs to hire a professional pool service in Atlanta on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. There are five basic variables that affect the cost of pool service. These three factors are listed from the biggest cost driver to the smallest. Type of Pool System There are three

The Cost of Weekly Pool Service

The Cost of Weekly Pool Service The cost of weekly pool service ranges from $40 per week (mostly scammers at this price point) and $90 per visit (mostly premium services that offer little extras while in your backyard).  The cost of weekly pool service is determined by three basic variables.  These three factors are listed