The most common cause of waterborne illness in America is cryptosporidium. A recent study showed just how resilient cryptosporidium can be in swimming pools that use salt and chlorine for sanitation and the results were shocking. Even when chlorine is raised 8 times the level in which it is safe to swim it still took
Salt Systems can cause a large amount of damage to pool components and even the swimming pool structure. Salt systems can harm your skin and eyes through both chemical and physical reactions. Salt Systems are prehistoric technology. The new swimming pool water technology is known as AOP or Advanced Oxygen Process.
Crypto causes more people to get sick than any other waterborne illness. This is because salt and chlorine systems on swimming pools are woefully ineffective at killing the cryptovirus and so swimming pools become the prefered nesting space for cryptosporidium. Enter the Drinkable Pool Water System. This new technology generates hydroxyl radicals into the pool

Swimming Pool Freeze Protection 101

Pool pumps are expensive to replace. Luckily, one of the most common causes of pool pump damage is easily preventable. Swimming pool freeze protection will usually cost less than $400 to have installed on your pool system. A thermometer activated switch is added to your timer mechanism in order to cause the pump to come