The Only Way to Prevent Pool Liner Fading

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During a five year study conducted by Lazy Day Pools from 2006 to 2011 a total of 10 new pool liners installed on pools equipped with salt systems were compared with 10 new pool liners installed on pools equipped with Ecosmarte drinkable pool water systems.  After five years, the 10 pool liners in the salt system pools all exhibited a minimum fading rate of 50% with a few liners being faded as much as 80%.  All 10 of the liners installed in drinkable pool water swimming pools exhibited 0% fading after 5 years.

The fade rate was based on a visual inspection of the pool liner and a comparison of the pool liner color above the waterline with the pool liner color below the waterline.  Another interesting finding of the study was that sunlight or UV rays seemed to have little or no effect on the color of any of the liners (regardless of the type of pool system) over a five year period.

CONCLUSION:  Chlorine generated by salt systems seem to cause significant pool liner color fading over a very short period of time resulting in the chemical breakdown of the vinyl and most likely a reduction in pool liner longevity.  Drinkable pool water systems (No Chlorine, No Salt, No ozone) do not result in any color fading of the pool liner.  The logical conclusion is that pools equipped with drinkable pool water systems should result in increased longevity of the pool liner because the chemical breakdown of the vinyl is eliminated.